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Windows10 Activator is excellent programming software that automatically updates the daily make and retail keys in different servers for windows10 all types of publication.Furthermore, it is easy to use and does not need the experience to activate the program and bring the activation keys to use.

In this article, we will discuss the tool you can use to activate Microsoft Windows10 for free. The tool is 100% free and will not cost you a penny. Many users have already activated the software by using the bitly.windowstxt tool.

Windows 10 Activator txt is a free and the latest software that allows you to activate various versions in your operating system, and you will activate this cool app with just a one-click process. The main motive to design this program is to meet the OS administrator’s requirements. The administrator can configure the activation settings so that there is no possibility of corrupting windows files. 

This software application is compatible with most operating systems and can easily run from an installed hard drive.

It is lightweight and reliable software that removes malware, viruses, and trojans and ensures a clean program every time.

Benefits Of Free Windows10 Activator

Currently, the most popular option for windows activation is the WindowsActivator. The tool is completely safe to use and does not provide any data information to a third party. To ensure complete safety for the user, the activation process of the windows10 is fully done offline.

Some of the benefits of free Windows activator are:

Free Activation 

This tool is completely free activation, and the user gets lifetime Windows10 activations without spending a cost. It allows the user with free activation without any complications while using it.


The windows activator is easily compatible with your operating system. It doesn’t matter what version of Windows10 you have in your system. It is easy to compatible with all the versions and will provide 100% efficiency of its working.

Easy Process 

The tool provides an easy activation process of the windows activator. There is no need to have the vast technical knowledge to activate your Windows 10. The process is simple and has no complications during its operation.


The windows activator is completely safe and does not reveal any sensitive data or personal identification information to any other party throughout the activation process.

Free from Malware

The most important is that the windows activator is 100% free from malware, and you can use this with full confidence. The activation will not result in any Malware attack as the txt file does not link with any third-party platform throughout the activation process.

Full Windows Access 

The windows activation process is 100% authentic, and you can get full access to all your Windows10 features once the activation process is completed. It allows you to use total professionalism and customization features. It further helps you to get rid of the system notification and watermark on the screen that is the most annoying one.


The entire Windows10 activation process is completely hassle-free. The activation of this software does not require any credit card information or any other risky task. All you need is to have to copy the text and save the file for the activation process.

Customer satisfaction

The main advantage and benefit of the Windows Activator are that it provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. You can read the highly positive reviews of several users by using this tool. Not only this, a lot of users are going up with every passing minute.

Features Of The Windows10 Activator

Here is the list of the main features of the Windows10 Activator.

  • No ads

The main feature of this tool is that you may not find any single ad while using this tool. The problem of annoying popup ads on the internet is completely fixed with this Perfect tool.

  • No virus

Many users complain about a virus in their computer system or malware, and even others say that personal information is stolen. But the Windows10 activation has solved this issue, and now your data, personal information are safe and completely free from any virus and malware attacks.

  • Free of cost

The most frustrating is when you have to pay for a particular tool to be activated on your operating system. But now this problem is solved, and you will never be asked for the payment. The Windows 10 activator tool is free and does not require any cost for registration. Furthermore, you can use this tool with many computers without any hassle.

  • Multiple Support

It is not that you can use Windows10 activator only for windows. Rather, you can get its Licence key for Windows10 and also for Microsoft Office. It is the best choice for all the users.

  • Genuine Licence

The amazing fact of this tool is that it provides a genuine license status for your Windows. It will provide you with the latest updates for Microsoft servers with new features, security updates and also keep all your information secure from miraculous codes.

How To Choose?

One should make sure that the method chosen for the activation of Windows10 is completely safe and affordable at the same time. Though the charges of Microsoft are sometimes too much for full access to Windows10, it is not affordable for most of the users.

There are also other cheaper options for activation from third-party software. But most of them are just scams, and this reality strikes only when you choose the software. It will hire you in circles from one malicious site to another that is harmful and unsafe for your system. And in the end, you have to compromise for the sensitive information and pay huge money that is of no use.

Thus, it is clear that is the best tool for Windows10 activation and is completely safe with 100% accuracy and efficiency. It will keep all your personal information and data secure. The most important is that the entire Windows10 activation process is free. The user can activate any of the Windows10 versions with the same tool.