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What’s involved in a hypnobirthing class?

The things that you’ll learn in all-inclusive hypnobirthing classes will help to give you the tools to manage the feelings that cause increased levels of stress, pain and trauma during childbirth. While the classes may teach physical methods to alleviate pain, some simply benefit from the knowledge that assists them in feeling calmer and more relaxed. There are several techniques ad principles involved but their alltaughtintending to reach a deep state of relaxation. Using things like positive affirmations, meditation, breathing exercises and guided thought can all help in achieving that. Some programs include the use of musical and visual resources which may help with relaxation and visualization.

Why should you take hypnobirthing classes?

Hypnobirthing isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to antenatal learning support. They’re not a requirement for childbirth either. The techniques will require a lot of time and effort on your part and that doesn’t always fit in with the birth plan of some pregnancies. It’s also good to remind parents that there is no right or wrong way of experiencing childbirth. It is a hugely transformative journey, and it is okay to do what is right for you. However, if you are interested, you can learn all-embracing techniquesfor an empowered birth.

What kind of Hypnobirthing class is best for me?

Hypnobirthing classes usually run over a couple of weeks depending on the course outline. The real amount of time will be dedicated to all the practice you put into it afterwards. Some hypnobirthing practitioners are happy to accommodate you in online classes for those that prefer it. Mums and partners appreciate the option of staying in the comfort of their own homes when taking part and it helps if online/webinar options are available.

 Some hypnobirthing classes, like those offered with Little Bird Flies, also provide the option of completing the hypnobubs online class which allows you to learn the tools and techniques of Hypnobirthing at your own pace. Whilst this is a much shorter course it is still jam-packed with all the benefits of the in-person and live webinar Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Course.  This is a self-paced learning option that mums and dads across Australia have come to love and can be paired with special guided sessions upon request when needed. The point is to find a hypnobirthing class guide that is happy to teach you based on a style that is tailored to your needs and desires.

What are the benefits of hypnobirthing?

There are mums, dads, and birthgivers from all walks of life that can agree on similar things. Many of them are hoping for a natural birth with minimal medical intervention and they may find hypnobirthing in line with their beliefs. A big benefit of interactive hypnobirthing classes in Melbourne is that anyone can try them, as long as they have an open mind. Everyone can leave with a little piece, or unique understanding, that fits right into their vision of an empowered birth. In your way, you’ll learn your innate ability to intentionally surrender to the unfolding experience of birth with ease and confidence rather than fear and to feel empowered. Positive birth stories will tell you about how participants left feeling informed, confident, and connected to the birth process, whether medicated or not.

Other reported benefits include the all-important effort of less painful delivery and swifter recovery after labour. Some have said that they are successful in achieving an unmedicated birth and labour that is shorter in duration. Overall, you will learn the skills and tools that create a calmer experience where the labouring parent is more alert and awake, and even a calmer newborn.

What you’ll learn in hypnobirthing classes?

With the right environment, tools and support, you really can labour with greater ease.  Conditioning your body and mind to work in sync with one another is one of many ways to bring you closer to an empowered birth. To ensure that we continue to labour undisturbed you will learn how to positively influence your hormones and condition your body to react towards your thoughts positively during labour.