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How It Operateson The Cell Phones

Socializing has become an integral part of our daily life. According to research, a normal human being spends approximately four to seven hours of their daily life talking on a mobile phone. People who are physically and mentally healthy can easily communicate using their mobile. But people who are physically impaired cannot use their mobile phones like normal people. 

For such people, smartphones come with TTY mode about which we will talk in detail further in this article. Though TTY devices were first designed for landline phones, the TTY mode is successfully functioning both on the landline and cell phones.

In this article, we have mentioned a description of different types of TTY mode and the procedure of activating and deactivating it.

TTY Meaning

TTY mode name originated from ‘Teletypewriter,’ which is a machine used by dumb and deaf (people who cannot speak or listen) to communicate by typing; the message is sent over wire or radio waves. These Teletypewriter machines are huge. Hence, one cannot carry it from one place to another. 

Therefore, now the smartphone is built-in with a TTY software that offers the 

the functionality of teletypewriter.

What is TTY Mode?

Most smartphones are adapted with a special mode called TTY mode that helps physically impaired people use their mobile phones. TTY mode is a specially made device for people who are deaf or dumb. When turned on, the TTY mode changes the way a normal smartphone function. It allows a person to communicate by typing on a standard call. The working of the TTY mode on a cell phone is seamless. The TTY mode on cell phones allows physically impaired people to communicate with another person easily.

How to Activate TTY mode in Android?

Almost every version of Android, either KitKat or Android 10, comes with an inbuilt TTY technology. The method of activating TTY mode can differ from one Android version to another, yet the basic steps remain the same in all versions. For better understanding, we have break-down the procedure into simple steps that are easy to follow. 

Procedure 1 (For stock Android devices)

  • Open Phone dialler
  • Therein on the top right, click on the three dots.
  • After That, click on settings. 
  • In the setting menu, you will find “Accessibility,” click on it. 
  • You will find TTY mode turned on the next window, and when the work is over, you can turn off the TTY mode to deactivate it.

Procedure 2 (For other operating systems- Mi, colour OS, etc.)

  • Go to the setting 
  • Now search for “accessibility” in the settings search bar.
  • Inside the accessibility window, you will find “TTY Mode” turn it on.

Note: The procedure mentioned above is compatible with most of the Android versions and other operating systems.

The process may become absolute with further operating system updates. 

How to Activate TTY Mode On an iPhone.

The method of enabling TTY mode in the iPhone is very simple. Mostly in all the IOS operating systems, the procedure for enabling TTY mode is the same. For better understanding, we have described the procedure in the steps below.

Procedure To Activate TTY Mode

  • Go to the settings 
  • In settings, search for a phone option.
  • Inside the phone Window, you will find “TTY mode.” 
  • Click on it to enable it.
  • For deactivating it, click on the same option of TTY mode.

Note: The method mentioned above is working fine with the latest IOS update. It might become obsolete with the further IOS update.

What Is the Use of TTY Mode?

TTY mode is especially for people who are physically impaired (Deaf or Dumb). 

To a Person physically healthy, this mode may seem useless, but for a physically impaired person, TTY mode is a blessing. Dumb or Deaf people cannot talk on the phone like a normal person.  They use a teletypewriter to communicate. These teletypewriters are huge. Hence these machines cannot be carried from one place to another easily. As a portable alternative, the TTY mode provides aid in communication to such people. Almost every smartphone comes with an inbuilt TTY mode with various features. But if users want, they can install a third-party application. TTY application converts the voice conversation into text and vice versa on the point. A person cannot use the inbuilt phone keyboard to type or can connect on an external teletypewriter to communicate

Types Of TTY Mode 

In the majority of the devices, there are four types or sub-mode of TTY mode. These modes allow the person to choose the way they want TTY mode to work. 

Let’s discuss each of them individually for better clarification.


It is the normal TTY mode wherein both the people on the call type communicate. This mode is used when neither of the two people on either end of the call can speak. It helps users communicate easily by typing the text message on the cell phones built-in with TTY software.


The HCO stands for Hearing Carry Over.

In this mode, messages are sent as a text from one side and received as audio on the other end, but the reply is audio. 


The VCO stands for voice carryover. In this mode, the messages from one end are sent as audio and received as text on the other end. 

TTY VCO mode is useful if the sender is physically fit or blind, and the receiver is deaf; this model comes in use.

TTY VCO converts the audio into text, and replies are received as audio as well.


TTY mode sounds useless for a normal person, but it is a charm for physically impaired people (dumb or deaf). TTY mode allows such people to communicate over the mobile phone without using the teletypewriter machine. TTY mode is the easiest and the most effective means of communication. I hope by now you have enough knowledge related to TTY mode.